Nigeria Rugby League gets kick off date

Nigeria Rugby League gets kick off date

The Northern Conference and the Sothern Conference of the Nigeria Rugby League Association (NRLA) is set to kick off in July. Current title holders of the Northern and the Southern, Lagos Haven and Kano Lions are set to defend their title respectively in their different regions.

The Opener of the new league season in the North Conference will see defending champions, Kano Lions playing their first game against Jos Miners while in the South Conference, Lagos Haven will slug it out with Lagos Rhinos.

The female are not left out as Lagos Haven Female team will also kick off their league season facing Eko Trinity female team.

Chairman of the Nigeria Rugby League Association (NRLA), Abiodun Olawale Cole, noted: “I would like to thank all the executives, members and fans of NRLA for getting us this far and for looking forward to a new season come July, Our efforts locally and internationally shall see Nigeria take its place amongst the great nations of the international rugby league especially featuring at the forth coming MEA coming up in Ghana this September.”

Speaking with the NRLA Trustee, Martin Crawford (OBE) “We are very excited to kick off the season in the North come July which we are looking forward to alongside the MEA Championship coming up in Ghana this September.”

Mr. Martin also mentioned that the female team in the North will have their debut game this season.

ice-Chairman and General Manager, Nigeria Rugby League Association (NRLA), Ade Adebisi, added that it’s great to see all female teams getting expanded this year across the conferences. “We are certainly in for a hard-fought men’s competition this year with many players far more experienced than in the maiden season in 2019 and desperate to get back to playing especially in the MEA tournament.”


The Middle East and Africa Championship to be hosted by Ghana is looking forward to witness the Nigerian national team also known as the Green Hawks.The defending champions, Nigeria Green Hawks will be looking forward to defend the its title which they won in 2019.

The Green Hawks cheered by a boisterous home crowd defeated West African rivals Ghana on their international Rugby League debut in 2019 to make the finals while the Atlas Lions of Morocco beat Morocco on their way to the final which also they won 38-10.

In the third place encounter between Ghana and Cameroon, it was Ghana who carried the day with a 10-4 victory over Cameroon who finished the championship without a win.

The tournament will kick off on Thursday 27th Sept – Sunday 2nd Oct 2022.


WK 1Kano LionsVSJos Miners23-07-2311:00am
Zazzau BullsVSKano Gazelles23-07-2312:30pm
WK 2Zazzau BullsVSKano Lions30-07-2311:00am
Jos MinersVSKano Gazelles30-07-2312:30pm
WK 3Kano LionsVSKano Gazelles06-08-2311:00am
Jos MinersVSZazzau Bulls06-08-2312:30pm


WK 1Lagos HavenVSEko Trinity02-07-2311:00am
R2 Finesse RLVSLagos Rhino02-07-2312:30pm
WK 2R2 Finesse RLVSLagos Haven09-07-2311:00am
Lagos RhinoVSEko Trinity09-07-2312:30pm
WK 3Lagos HavenVSLagos Rhino16-07-2311:00am
Eko TrinityVSR2 Finesse RL16-07-2312:30pm
WK 4Eko TrinityVSLagos Rhino23-07-2311:30am
Lagos HavenVSR2 Finesse FA23-07-2312:30pm
Lagos Haven(Women)VSEko Trinity(Women)23-07-2314:00
WK 5R2 Finesse RLVSEko Trinity30-07-2311:30
Lagos RhinoVSLagos Haven30-07-2312:30
Eko Trinity(women)VSLagos Haven(women)30-07-2314:00
WK 6Eko TrinityVSLagos Haven06-08-2311:00
Lagos RhinoVSR2 Finesse RL06-08-2312;30
Lagos Haven(women)VSEko Trinity(women)06-08-2314:00