What We do

The Nigerian Rugby League is all about the rugby

Our values are passion, persistence, commitment, fearlessness, respect and leadership.

The NRLA within the next twelve months is working towards becoming an affiliate member. The NRLA aims to grow the country’s rugby league club membership so that annual tournaments would be hosted in the country. The NRLA would ensure the creation of a Junior League, develop women’s rugby and youth rugby in the country.

NRLA aims to host a number of annual tournaments including a National Women’s and Youth tournaments alongside National Championship.

To the NRLA, sports is bigger than a game. It is about shared joys, passions, commitment, a way to foster unity, a way to help build communities and change lives through a game.
To this end, the NRLA will partner with sponsors, government agencies and local communities to plan and execute relevant programmes among the various communities in the regions where the Rugby League Clubs would be formed.

Some programmes include (Improved accessibility to public spaces for the physical challenge, The Sports Escape – targeted to encourage the youth to take up sports)


A Peek into the future

Achieving the above will propel NRLA into the global stage and set us aside from many other national sports.

The NRLA is working on adding several other international partnerships to the league clubs. Our existing clubs in Kano and upcoming and existing (without partners) elsewhere would be affiliated with an international club in due course. Naturally this is instrumental in raising the game in Nigeria as the support to be provided by the international clubs would be invaluable.


We are already working on contracts for players to further their careers by joining teams in the UK and Australia in the first instance. This would come in the form of contracts with Academies, feeder clubs for professional clubs and top ranked amateur clubs. The international clubs would support their stay in the target country by way of attracting sponsorship through providing employment for the chosen players (this ensures thy have a guaranteed income) as well as bonuses for being picked and winning a game. We have utmost faith that once our players are afforded this opportunity, we will see a number of our local players playing at the very top of the game within a few years globally.